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Rare and unusual colored stones have been our passion for over 35 years and our collection is literally an A to Z adventure from aquamarine to zircon. Our rare gems include apatite, axinite, andalusite, enstatite, idocrase, kornerupine, scapolite, sphalerite, sphene, and more. Most importantly, all of our gems are cut to bring out the best in each stone.

Designers have discovered that many lesser known gems have excellent characteristics for jewelry. We showcased the beauty of a few of these stones in a pendant featuring a pear-shaped sillimanite surrounded by white sapphires, and a 'big and bold' cocktail ring featuring a large golden beryl surrounded by multi-colored spinel. Unique colored stones like Oregon sunstone, bi-color tourmaline, Rubellite tourmaline, and zircon also made stunning custom jewelry.

We encourage Jewelry Designers and Retailers to inventory a selection of loose colored stones for the increasing number of buyers who wish to wear custom designs featuring unique and colorful gemstones.  



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